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Our Clients Say It Best

Below you'll find a collection of testimonials from clients just like you who have found success using leads from the Leads Direct Network. But don't take our word for it, read on and see what people are saying about us.

I've always been stuck buying non-exclusive leads, (and competing with any Tom, Dick or Harry that the lead company wants me to compete with), until I started working with you guys. Thanks for giving me a choice!

Johnny Newcome
Tennessee Health Alliance

Very well done site. I love the fact that I can pick and choose a lead, and then decide how many to purchase.

William Barrett

I have to say that I'm IMPRESSED with your concept! I buy my health leads when I need them, and I don't have any long-term commitments when I don't. You guys are on to something!

George Joseph
United Health and Financial Services

Thanks for providing a great service at a fair price.

Misty Sanchez

I'm just writing to let you know that your customer service is top notch! They're polite, professional, and helpful. Thank you.

Martin Jenning AllCare, Inc.

I started working with your health site, but I'm now with all of your personal lines sites. I've got to say that although I was skeptical at first; your leads have convinced me...Great work.

Sara Percan
Percan and Associates

Thank you for saying what you do, and then doing what you say...

Michael Bodenstein
New England Insurance Partners

Since I started buying leads from your site, I've moved all of my marketing over to you guys. The leads are always fresh, and the consumers have genuine interest. Thank you for making my job a little easier!

Todd Willems
Forcast Insurance

What can I say...I hate cold calls...Your site rocks!

Steve Washborne

I have used many different sites for Health insurance, but the flexibility that you offer your clients is out of this world!

Bob Englan

Thank you for making my marketing dollar go a long, long, long way!

John Francis
Francis Agency

I wanted to say "Thank you" for replacing my last lead for me...I know that it was outside your policy, but you help and consideration really goes a long way to me!

Marcy Renquest

I'm just getting my agency started, and I needed a good lead source at a fair price. Your site was recommended to me, and I have to say, you've fit my bill perfectly. Thank you!

Elizabeth Hollander
Hollander agency

I'm writing in to say that I really like the business model that you have here. The health leads that I have purchased have been high quality, exclusive, and waiting to get a quote. What more can I ask for?

Bruce McDermott
MD Insurance group

Great concept for a site...

Steve McEvers

I've used your leads for three years now (since about the time that you launched the site), and I have to say I love it!

Andrea Boddie
Forman Insurance Agency

I just wanted to let you know that I just finish writing a policy that I got as a lead from your site...The lead was fairly priced, and the customer wants to talk about all of their needs...I'm hooked

James Rameriez

I've written three policies from the last five leads that I've bought from your site, which tells me that your leads are pretty darn good! Thanks!

Jim Davis
MBMA Health Associates

Your service is the best!!!! I love it, and Ive only been a member for a few days. Thanks for being here for us, and keep the leads coming!

Rene' Paul de la Varre

I have used many different sites for Health insurance, but the flexibility that you offer your clients is out of this world!

Bob Englan

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